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2021 Seoul International School Graduation

School Founder, Edward B. Adams

Founder Mr. Adams

Edward B. Adams, educator, author, and authority on Korean history and culture, founded Seoul International School in 1973. He had a dream of founding an international School independent of government and religious sponsorship and affiliation. He served as a teacher and principal for the Department of Defense Dependent Schools for over thirteen years in Taiwan, Japan and Korea after receiving his Master’s Degree in School Administration from Eastern Washington University.

His reputation as an author of Korean history, culture and children’s books reached the attention of the Presidential Blue House and in 1973 the Ministry of Education granted him a permit to establish an independent international School. This was the first Ministry of Education permit granted to a school not affiliated with government, diplomatic, or religious organizations.

Mr. Adams Continues his contribution to the school developments even today as the Founder of the School. Under his direction the SIS School Board was established in 2019, and he oversees the school's advancements and operations through the Board and the Leadership Team.

School Board

Seoul International School operates with a governing School Board in place. The functions of the Board include oversight of school programs and facilities, strategic planning, and ensuring the continued viability of the school.

Entrance to the main building at Seoul International School

The SIS School Board is comprised of 9 voting members:

  • five current parents,
  • the Head of School,
  • the Business Manager,
  • and two other members, appointed by the Founder of the school.

In addition, there is one non-voting member who serves on the Board in an auditing capacity.

Letter from Chair



Dear SIS Community,

As the 2019-2020 school year gets underway, on behalf of my colleagues on the Board of Directors, I would like to warmly welcome and extend my greetings to the SIS community for the first time in the history of SIS.

Since last Fall, the entire SIS community got together for one same goal, to continue the proud legacy of SIS. Through all our hard work and effort, here we are with the successful result, our new governance, the Board of Directors. While all the teachers and staff at SIS try to provide high quality of education to our students in their best interest, our main goal to establish a transparent and balanced governance system was finally agreed upon along with the new School Regulation, which came effective in April 2019. Then based on this School Regulation, the first Board of Directors officially launched in May 2019.

All this would not have been possible without the patience and understanding of our parents, teachers, and staff. And I personally thank to those who have worked as Executives in the Parent Emergency Measure Committee and especially to the Founder, Mr. Adams, who made a timely involvement and guidance.  

As the first Board of Directors, we would not take your trust in us lightly. Our goal is to develop a steppingstone for generations to come: a truly transparent and democratic governance system whose only goal would be to foster a safe and healthy educational environment for the SIS mission.

It would be the whole SIS community’s job to support their full growth and achievement. With an active participation, a transparent communication, and mutual respect, let’s all come and work together. I believe last year’s experience made us more solidary and resilient at the doorstep of the new era of SIS.  

Have a wonderful year in 2019 – 2020!  

Choo, Hee Sung (Anne)

Chair, Board of Directors