Anniversary Ceremony
Seoul International School

A Tradition of Excellence Since 1973

Seoul International School bus on road

When Seoul International School opened its doors in 1973, it became the first foreign school, after Korean Liberation in 1945, to be fully recognized by the ROK Ministry of Education with a license issued to SIS on June 5, 1973.

From that beginning SIS has grown and expanded to provide excellent opportunities in education for the growing and changing expatriate community of Seoul and the surrounding cities.

Seoul International School's history begins with its founder, Mr. Edward B. Adams. His story in South Korea is forever linked with that of the school. After arriving in Korea, he envisioned the creation of an international school independent of all political and religious affiliations.

In 1973, his hard work, dedication, and passion for education and the people of South Korea culminated with Seoul International School becoming one of the first international schools in South Korea.

While the school may have humble beginnings, under Mr. Adam's guidance, it has grown in importance and prestige within the international school community. Today SIS has become a leading international school within South Korea and Asia.

Founder Mr. Adams

Founder Mr. Adams, 1979

SIS Beginnings

In 1973, Seoul International School was issued the first ever Letter of Authorization (pictured on the right) by the Korean Government to a foreign school.



Original Seoul International School Campus

Original Seoul International School campus
Seoul International School official governemnt registration, 1973
Mr. Adams, staff and students planting on the school grounds (1973~1974)
Original playground (1973-74)
Students when SIS only had Elementary School (1973~1974)

The Original Staff of SIS

A page from an old yearbook

Recognize yourself?

Our alumni team here at Seoul International School would love to reconnect with you. It would be great to hear your SIS story and find out where life has taken you. Reach out to us any time.  





1977 New Building Ceremony

Opening ceremony speech in 1977
Attendees standing during national anthem at 1977 opening ceremony
Mr. Adams founder giving a speech at foundation celebration.
Presenting flags at the 1977 opening ceremony
Speech at 1977 opening ceremony
Mr. Edward B. Adams, Headmaster

Mr. Edward B. Adams, Headmaster

Mr. B. C. Oh, Business Director

1978 - First Graduating Class

1979 WASC Accreditation

The school was first accredited in 1979 by The Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC) for a six-year term. Subsequent accreditations were proudly received in 1985, 1991, 1997, 2003, 2009, 2015, and 2021.


Accreditation at sis

1981 - Purchase Of New Lands

Signs indicated that the lands for new campus have been purchased

As SIS grew and expanded, a larger facility and campus were needed. In 1981, the present eight acre site was selected and a unique 150,000 square foot Korean inspired building design was chosen for the school. Conveniently located on the southeastern border of Seoul, the school is about twenty-five minutes south of Lotte World, Jamsil subway station, and Olympic Park. The move to the lovely wooded campus with its many cultural artifacts was made in May, 1985.

Over the years SIS played host to many events

1985 EARCOS - SIS hosted EARCOS

1993 SIS 20th Anniversary

1997 - Annex Building & Swimming Pool Renovation

Annex building under construction

In 1997, in response to increased enrollment, the Annex building was constructed on site to house the school's growing elementary school.

Campus after Annex build is constructed

2006 -Teacher Apartments

Teacher provided housing

New teacher apartments were built to house the growing number of teachers at the school. The apartments are located within a 5 minute walk from campus.

2007 - New Soccer Field & Parking Garage

A new artificial turf soccer field as well as a new parking garage were added to the campus.  

2013 - New Building

In a move to update and modernize the facilities, a seven story building was constructed in 2013. Today the building houses the middle and elementary schools and features 30 classrooms, 2 gymnasiums, the elementary school library, a makerspace room, a science lab, and art and supply rooms.

Elementary students enjoying field day at Seoul International School
Construction on outside of new building


2019 - Secondary Library, Fitness/Dance Studio, Atrium, and Infrastructure Upgrades

Exercise equipment in the fitness studio

In the summer of 2019, the school invested heavily in remodeling the secondary library, atrium, and network infrastructure.

Upgrades included:

  • A new fitness/dance studio
  • Automatic doors at all main entrances
  • New network infrastructure including cabling, servers, switches, WIFI access points, and network security software
  • Installation of networked photocopier system throughout the campus
  • Building of a new security center
  • Installation of networked door locks and security cameras throughout the campus 
  • New ceiling tiles in the main and annex buildings
  • Remodeling of all bathrooms
  • New soundproofing of the annex building music rooms


New Secondary Library

New middle and high school library

The renovated school library is home to over 10 000 books, as well as meeting and seminar rooms, and it features flexible seating arrangements for studying and reading.

Experience the Library

Mr. Adams, staff and students planting on the school grounds (1973~1974)
Seoul International School secondary library non-fiction section
Students when SIS only had Elementary School (1973~1974)

See The Campus in Action


ES / MS / HS

See how the mission, vision, and tiger values are interwoven throughout the SIS curriculum. 


Sports Teams

Students are encouraged to participate in athletic clubs and teams. Participation encourages cooperation and collaboration, two key aspects of our tiger values.


Extra Curricular

We offer extracurricular opportunities for students at all school levels. Many of these clubs have students getting involved in community improvement programs.