Seoul International School Students playing on the playground
Students on field
2021 Seoul International School Graduation


Edward Ben Adams

Founder of School

Mr. Edward Ben Adams is the founder of Seoul International School. He was the principal and headmaster from 1973 to 2002. From 2003 through to the present, he has been overseeing the operations of the school as founder and manager.

Academic Leadership Team

High School principal at Seoul International School

James Gerhard

Head of School

Dr. Gerhard has been with SIS since 2015. He is a committed international educator who has held teaching and leadership positions in Kuwait, the Dominican Republic, Thailand, Burma, Sierra Leone, and now Korea. He was formerly an Economics, History, and Government teacher and has been a principal in Elementary, Middle and High Schools and has served as a Director of Schools. He has worked in both the AP program and with the IB program where he continues to serve as a Diploma Examiner.

High school Vice Principal at Seoul International School

Gray Macklin

High School Principal

Mr. Macklin has served in a variety of capacities at SIS since 2006. When asked why he has stayed so long, he replies that he loves the challenges posed by the ambitious, demanding students at SIS.





Middle School Principal

Michael Godhe

Middle School Principal









Seoul International School elementary school principal

Brian Byrne 

Elementary School Principal

Mr. Byrne is joining the SIS community this year. He has worked in education for 15 years, serving in a variety of capacities including homeroom teacher, curriculum coordinator and Elementary School administrator. Prior to SIS, Mr. Byrne held leadership positions at international schools in Shanghai and Beijing and public schools in Connecticut, USA.


High School Assistant Principal

Christopher DelVecchio

High School Assistant Principal

Mr. DelVecchio joined SIS in 2022. His background includes leadership roles at international schools in Shanghai and Hong Kong, as well as ten years of experience teaching middle and high school mathematics. He has also served as a college counselor and an international admissions reader for UCLA.



Middle school and elementary school Vice Principal at Seoul International School

Agnes Schuppel

Elementary & Middle School Assistant Principal

Agnes Schuppel has been at Seoul International School since 2009. This is her fourth year as the Assistant Principal of the Elementary and Middle School. Prior to being Assistant Principal, she worked as a classroom teacher, literacy coach, reading specialist and Elementary School Coordinator. Each day it is an honor and privilege to have the opportunity to work with our students, staff and parent community.

Director of professional development

David Mannell

Director of Curriculum and Professional Development

David joined SIS in 2022 as the Director of Curriculum and Professional Development. He believes that every learner should feel a sense of belonging in school and that we all have a responsibility to create engaging, authentic, and relevant learning opportunities for ourselves and others. Prior to joining SIS, David has served in teaching and leadership roles in Germany, the United States, Honduras, and Brazil. He is excited to continue learning as part of the SIS community.

Dean of Admissions at Seoul International School

Irene De Shazo

Director of Admissions

Mrs. De Shazo joined Seoul International School in 2009 as the Reading Specialist. With a Masters Degree in Education Administration and English as a Second Language, she was appointed as the school's Director of Admissions in 2012.





Kelcey Edwards

Director of Guidance and College Counseling

Kelcey Edwards came to SIS in 2020. She has focused on the high school to college transition for more than 20 years through her work in various K12, higher education, and educational testing organizations.





Administrative Leadership Team

Director of Business Manager Office

Young Ok Chi

Business Manager

Jong Cheol Kim

Head of Business Management Team

Young Kwon Ahn

Head of Finance & Accounting Team, Facility Team

Administration team director of academic affairs

Yang Min Ko

Head of Academic Services Team

Bum Shik Shin

Head of Information Technology Team, General Affairs Team

Se Woong Kwak

Head of Transportation Team


Hye Yong Min

Head of Marketing and Communication