Tiger value flags in the hallways at Seoul International School
High School student art
Seoul International School is committed to creating lifelong learners who excel not only within but beyond the classroom walls. Grade 6 Parent


Seoul International School develops inquisitive, independent thinkers and collaborative learners, who acquire the essential knowledge necessary to be caring and creative contributors to the world around them.


Seoul International School will foster an earnest passion for learning that inspires students to work with others in creating a better world for all.


Seoul International School tiger values

At Seoul International School, we use our TIGERS Values to guide our actions and decisions. We understand that good grades will get you into the university of your choice, but strong character will keep you there and help you succeed in life. We recognize that we are all works in progress, and our TIGERS Values will help us develop a character which is admirable and honorable.

Seoul International School student presenting at MUN

Trustworthy Individuals

  • Demonstrate personal integrity and academic honesty
  • Model honest, fair, and respectful of others – showing empathy, compassion, and respect
  • Accept responsibility for his or her own actions and their consequences
Middle school student working on project at Seoul International School

Independent Learners

  • Take risks, embrace new experiences, and make thoughtful decisions
  • Demonstrate curiosity, initiative and creativity in the learning process
  • Enjoy learning as a natural part of the process of growth and development
Seoul International School student teaching overseas.

Global Citizens

  • Explore ideas and issues that have both local and global significance

  • Understand, respect, and appreciate their culture and open to different values and traditions
  • Appreciate that a balanced life requires a commitment to both physical and mental well-being
High school students discussing topic.

Effective Communicators

  • Understand and express ideas clearly in written, oral, and visual forms

  • Value communication in the learning process
  • Strive to be engaging and engaged learners
Student studying in library at Seoul International School

Reflective Learners

  • Challenge assumptions, asks interesting questions and make sense of new learning
  • Uses prior knowledge and experience to build new understandings
  • Think critically about the learning experience
Seoul International School students washing dishes at a local soup kitchen.

Socially Responsible Individuals

  • Demonstrate responsibility through effective leadership
  • Value their own contributions and the contribution of others
  • Make a personal commitment to service

See the Tigers Values in Action


ES / MS / HS

See how the mission, vision, and tiger values are interwoven throughout the SIS curriculum. 


Sports Teams

Students are encouraged to participate in athletic clubs and teams. Participation encourages cooperation and collaboration, two key aspects of our tiger values.


Extra Curricular

We offer extracurricular opportunities for students at all school levels. Many of these clubs have students getting involved in community improvement programs.