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2021 Seoul International School Graduation
Student and teacher discussing sports at Seoul International School

Current Career & Employment Opportunities

Seoul International School welcomes you to become a member of our Faculty. Working at SIS is a rewarding and collaborative experience. 

Seoul International School positions are posted on our website and through the Search Associates and International Schools Services (ISS) sites. SIS will be attending the SEARCH Bangkok and SEARCH Cambridge Fairs. 

All candidates must be currently certified (we do not accept ESL or TOEFL certifications) and should have compelling experience in the position they are seeking. SIS is committed to child safety protocols and engages in extensive background checks and reference checks on candidates prior to any offer of employment. SIS is also committed to being a community that is welcoming, inclusive, and equitable, with a strong sense of belonging for all.

DEIB Statement

At Seoul International School, our community is our greatest strength. Since our founding in 1973, we have worked to rely on making diversity an important part of our community. Focused approaches to inclusion and diversity create special learning opportunities for students and offer the people of our school better relationships and friendships. These span across cultures, nationalities, and a myriad of other aspects of identity. We realize that if our differences and diversity are needed as a strength, then we need to be as strong as possible. We believe that our commitment to diversity and inclusion must be as relevant to our success as is our commitment to honest diversity and fairness.

We hold that there is no place for racism or any type of discrimination at SIS. The differences that students, teachers, staff, and families bring to our community need to be respected and celebrated, whether these may be in culture, background, ability, identity, or perspective. By creating an inclusive culture, we can build a positive climate for all. All members of our community should be valued and cared for with all voices heard and included. By doing this we honor our Mission, Vision, and Value statements.

We are a child-safety and protection school. We are committed to providing a learning environment that is a place of physical and emotional safety for students and all members and visitors to our community. We ensure that every individual is provided with appropriate safeguards from harm and protected from any forms of abuse or neglect.

SIS does not hire candidates without a background check and appropriate child safeguard training. SIS also conducts thorough reference checks with all previous employers and schools.

Prospective candidates should send a short, direct email including resume and teaching position of interest to Dr. Jim Gerhard, Head of School at