Kindergarten school graduation at Seoul International School
high school students competing in a tug of war
Teachers having fun on opposites day.

When my child goes in, he should be smiling. And when he comes out he should be smiling. One remarkable thing that I noticed at SIS is that all the children, all the staff are smiling. They're happy! They Look happy.

We appreciate that an investment in private education is an investment into your child's and family's future. Here at Seoul International School we pride ourselves on maximizing the return on that investment. We ensure your child receives the best possible education provided by highly qualified educators.

Please review our payment policies and practices listed below.

Tuition Rates For 2019 - 2020 School Year

Grade Level Annual Tuition
Pre-Kindergarten ₩17,000,000 + USD $4,036
Kindergarten ₩19,900,000 + USD $5,180
1st - 5th Grade ₩20,200,000 + USD $5,190
6th - 8th Grade ₩21,900,000 + USD $5,667
9th – 12th Grade ₩24,620,000 + USD $6,284

Additional Fees

Item Fee Comment
Transportation  ₩2,500,000 Optional, refund available
AP Exam  ₩150,000 -  ₩160,000 / test Varies per test
Senior  ₩300,000  
Book Deposit  Fee Comment
Elementary School  ₩150,000 Refundable (Grades 3-5)
Middle School  ₩200,000 Refundable
High School  ₩250,000 Refundable

New Student Fees

These fees are applicable to new students only.

Item Fee Comment
Application Processing Fee ₩500,000 Payable upon application
Initial Registration Fee ₩700,000 Payable upon acceptance
Enrollment Fee ₩3,000,000 Payable within 7 days of acceptance (applied towards tuition)
  • New students must pay an initial enrollment payment of ₩3,000,000 within 7 days of receiving their acceptance notice. This fee is a deposit that secures a place for a new student and is, by its nature, non-refundable. The ₩3,000,000 enrollment fee will be applied towards the 2019-2020 school year tuition.
  • For students admitted on or before May 29, 2019, parents may use one of the 3 payment options indicated below.
  • For students admitted after May 29, 2019, please contact the Accounting and Finance Office for payment options.
  • If a student wishes to ride the school bus, please contact Admissions.

Payment Options

We understand that every family is different and as such, offer 3 payment options:

Late Payment Charge and Currency for Payment
If any payment is delayed beyond the applicable due date, a late payment charge at five percent (5%) per annum will be added on the unpaid amount until the unpaid amount has been fully paid. Late charges shall be paid in the currency requested by the date shown on the relevant invoice.

Refund Policy

  • Refunded tuition will be prorated by the number of attended school days and it shall be deducted from the payment amount except for the re-enrollment or enrollment payment. The refunded amount will be made in the currency used for payment.
  • Bus fees may be refunded and the amount shall be prorated based on remaining number of school days.
  • Refunds are wire transferred or given to parents, or their authorized representative.
  • Refund Policy for Early Withdrawals is invalid in the event of a Force Majeure that causes a student or students to withdraw from the school. No portion of tuition and fees already paid for the school year will be refunded, and unpaid fees will be due payable. Force Majeure is defined as an event such as war, civil strife, labor unrest, earthquakes, nuclear disaster or extreme weather conditions that cannot be reasonably anticipated or controlled. This policy is deemed necessary to ensure financial stability of the school and its continued operations subsequent to any such event.

Non-Refundable School Fees

The following fees are not refundable:

  • Application Fee
  • Registration Fee
  • (Re)enrollment Fee
  • Installment Fee

Late Entry Payment Arrangements

For those students who joins us later in the year we have a prorated payment system. Tuition less the enrollment fee will be pro rata based on the number of school days remaining for students entering SIS after the first day of school.

Payment Instructions

Starting the 2019-2020 School Year, tuition and school fee payment method has been changed:

Tuition shall be paid in the existing “virtual account transfer method” and all other school fees shall be paid by “자동인출방식(Cash Management Service)”.

For Returning Students:

Tuition invoice will be issued to each student with two separate virtual accounts(가상계좌); one for the USD payment and another for the KRW payment. These virtual accounts are individualized for each student throughout their enrollment at SIS. All other school fees will automatically be withdrawn from the pre-authorized parent accounts.  

For Newly Enrolling Students:

The invoice for the application processing fee will be issued to each student. After enrolled, a tuition invoice will be issued separately.

If you have any inquiries regarding payment of tuition or any fees, feel free to contact us at any time.

Accounting And Finance Department