We believe that every day of a child’s educational journey should engage, motivate and inspire them, and this is especially true as children begin their educational journey!

The Elementary School curriculum is designed by the faculty with the developmental needs of the children in mind. The process of learning, thinking, problem solving and inquiry are stressed. This approach promotes deeper understanding of the material covered and increases student motivation and interest.

Elementary school student at Seoul International School

An important element in a SIS Elementary School education is the learning that takes place in and about the community. Students are encouraged to work collaboratively and to always consider the needs and perspectives of others. Students learn to be kind, honest, and respectful. In turn, they learn that they are deserving of respect. Students in this caring community setting feel heard, honored and appreciated, freeing them up to enjoy the challenges inherent in the learning that lies before them.

Elementary School Eureka Math Program

Starting in 2019, the elementary school will be using the Eureka Math program. It is the most widely used math curriculum in the United States. It is also the only math curriculum to align fully with the Common Core State Standards for all grades, K–5. Eureka Math builds students' knowledge logically and thoroughly to help them achieve a deeper understanding. Eureka Math connects math to the real world in ways that take the fear out of math and build student confidence — helping students achieve true understanding lesson by lesson and year after year.

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Elementary School Curriculum