High School Academics


In the Seoul International School's High School (grades 9-12) academic program, a full spectrum of courses are offered for university-bound students. Over forty-five courses are provided and, depending upon a student’s past record, at least six of eight periods are devoted to core requirements in Mathematics, Science, Social Science, English and Foreign Language. Physical Education and Health are required for two years. Students have four eighty minute periods daily.

Highlights of the High School Curriculum:

  • Collaborative based learning
  • Emphasis placed on student understanding and appreciation of not only what but how they are learning
  • Skills and inquiry based assessments
  • 24 Advanced Placement courses including the Capstone Program

The class was challenging but the goals set by the teacher and students were achievable. They pushed me to be a better student and person. I'm glad I took the course. Grade 10 Student

High School Curriculum

Graduation Requirements

Department Regular Diploma Honors Diploma
English 6 6
Social Studies 3 3
Mathematics 2 3
Science 2 3
Physical Education 2 2
World Language - 2
Fine Arts (Visual/Performing) 1 1
Electives 9 9
Total 25 29


Elementary School

Kindergarten to Grade 5

Our experienced team of teachers and staff will take the most important aspects of traditional education and embrace the new educational technologies and methodologies to prepare your students to be the leaders of tomorrow.

Middle School

Grades 6 to 8

Our goal is for our students to feel loved, safe and academically challenged each and every day. MS is about trying something new, making new friends and discovering what you like. 

Ubuntu - “I am because we are”