Each student is considered valuable at every level, and the MS teachers at SIS provide individualized attention to each student. They fully embrace the unique talents and abilities of the MS student body.MS Parent

Our Teacher-Led Electives and Advisory Classes  are guided by the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and focus on our TIGERS Values in lieu of grades - because attending a top university is one step, but being successful there and beyond takes more than academic knowledge.

Our school offers a wide variety of co-curricular activities that enhance the middle school experience and allow students to explore different interests and develop varied talents. Students can participate in a number of school organized sports including swimming, volleyball, basketball, soccer, badminton, and cross country running. Middle school students also have an opportunity to participate in Student Council, Model United Nations, and the After School Enrichment program.

Middle school student painting at Seoul International School
Middle school students in class at Seoul International School
Middle school students in library
Middle school student at Strings practice at Seoul International School
Middle school student presenting at Seoul International School

Middle School at SIS is:

Middle school students at Seoul International School
  • a transition period between ES and HS
  • a time for developing skills of independence, responsibility, and time management 
  • having more opportunities for self-growth and discovery - electives, sports, after-school enrichment 
  • learning in a safe school climate that promotes calculated risk taking
  • having positive role models (peers & adults)
  • realizing a balance between academics and wellness
  • providing a breadth of opportunities in academics, athletics, arts, extra curriculars
  • gaining increased student agency, honoring students' voice/decisions
  • experiencing social & emotional growth

I can always trust and rely on SIS teachers and staff. As transitioning from childhood to early adolescence, my child had to go through many hardships and obstacles. SIS teachers and staff helped my child overcome these difficulties and successfully develop academic skills. They embrace my child's weaknesses and encourage his strengths.MS Parent

Elementary School

Kindergarten to Grade 5

Our experienced team of teachers and staff will take the most important aspects of traditional education and embrace the new educational technologies and methodologies to prepare your students to be the leaders of tomorrow.

High School

Grades 9 to 12

Our mission is not only to prepare students for the next step in their educational careers but to foster an international-mindedness that sparks innovation and curiosity in both learning and life.