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Last updated: May 26, 2019.

At Seoul International School we appreciate that you care how information about you is used and shared. Please read how your data and personal information is used. By visiting siskorea.org you are accepting the Privacy policy as described below.

Private policy

Article 1: The Purpose of Processing Personal Information

  1. Seoul International School as outlined below will collect and process personal information. Personal information that is collected and stored will not be used for any other purposes other than as outlined below. If there are any changes to personal information, all changes will be made in accordance to the rules and guidelines sates in Article 18 of the Personal Information Protection Law.
    1. Registration on homepage (the Seoul International School website is not a subscription-based site, therefore this does not apply)
    2. Civil affairs processing In order to verify the identity of the petitioner, the petitioner's identity, contact information/notification, will be processed
  2. In accordance to the Personal Information Protection Act, Article 32, Seoul International School will process registration/disclosure of personal information files as outlined below:
Personal Information File Related Laws Purpose Retention Period Destruction Plan
Report Card Elementary, Middle school Education Law, Article 25, School Record maintenance School maintenance of all student records Enrollment Period Permanent Storage
Health Records School health records act/health examination rule, article 9 Maintenance of School Health Records Enrollment Period Permanent Storage
Library Circulation Records Principal Data Consent, Promotion of School Library Law, Article 14 Library check- in and check-out Enrollment Period Deletion upon expiration of retention period
Civil Affairs Processing Article 8 of the enforcement rule of article 8 enforcement decree of the act on processing of civil affairs Management of complaints received and processed 10 Years Deletion upon expiration of retention period
Short Message Service (SMS)   School operations and dissemination of information Enrollment Period  

Article 2: Processing and Retention of Personal Information

  1. Seoul International School will retain and protect your personal information in accordance with the law. This includes the collection and storage of personal information given at the time of consent.
  2. The handling and storage of personal information is as follows:
    1. Handling of website registration information: (Not applicable, as Seoul International School does not require sign-in)
      1. The only exceptions are:
        1. investigation and/or inquiry due to violation of the relevant laws and regulations, and/or the completion of any investigation/inquiry into misdeeds.
        2. claim/obligation relationship to use the site in accordance with the relationship remaining until settlement
        3. In an exception, until stated retention period
    2. Civil petitions to be processed: three (3) years after the end of the grievance

Article 3: Provision of Personal Information to Third Parties

  1. Seoul International School will handle all information regarding personal information processing given to third parties, only within the limits set forth in Article 1 (purpose of the processing of personal information), the consent of the data subject, the special provisions of the law, the Personal Information Protection Law in Article 17.
  2. Handling of personal information given to third parties by Seoul International School:
    1. Person(s) receiving personal information: (Title, name and corporate identity)
    2. Outline how personal information will be used: (details on how personal information will be used)
    3. Clause/provision for personal information: (each clause)
    4. Outline of storage and terms of usage: (0 year)

Article 4: Handling of Personal Information Third Parties

    1. Seoul International School shares personal information with third parties as outlined below:
      1. Travel Insurance - Name of third party: Top Travel Agency
      2. Responsibility of third party: coordination of airline seating for traveling Seoul International School students
    2. At the conclusion of the contract with the third party, in accordance with Article 25 of the Personal Information Protection Law, Seoul International School will monitor the commissioned work performed and prohibit the use of personal information for other purposes outside of previous arrangements. The processing of personal information without permission is prohibited, technical/managerial safeguards, extension of contract with third party vendor, the trustee for the management/supervision, damages and liability on matters specified in the contract documents, such as personal information.
    3. Work commissioned by Seoul International School to third party vendors is subject as well as the trustee of commissioned work in accordance with the Personal Information Protection Act.
    4. A written contract from third parties is kept on file for commissioned work that involves personal information processing tasks entrusted to all third parties.

Article 5: The Subject of Information Management / Duties, and How Events

  1. For the Seoul International School Information Subject can exercise at any time the following sub paragraphs of the Privacy Rights.
    1. Access Personal information
    2. Make corrections if there are errors
    3. Deletion request
    4. Request halt of handling
  2. Seoul International School will act on requests in accordance with paragraph 1, and all requests may be submitted through written, telephone, electronic mail, facsimile (Fax) without delay.
  3. During the request correction or deletion of personal information, Seoul International School will not share or use the information the personal information.
  4. Under paragraph one, data may be shared with a designated legal representative of the data subject or authorized party representative. In this case, the power of attorney must be submitted according to Form No. 11 in Appendix Privacy Protection Act rules.
  5. Personal information handled by Seoul International School must not impede on personal privacy of yourself and others as outlined in the Personal Information Protection Law and other related laws.

Article 6: Itemization of Personal Information

The following items of personal information are processed at Seoul International School.

  1. Website membership and maintenance (Seoul International School's web site is not membership based, therefore this does not apply)
  2. Handling of civil petitions
    1. Required items: signature (passport name), date of birth, and year of employment, address, and telephone number
    2. Additional information: Email Address
  3. In the course of using the internet, personal information items may be automatically generated and collected.
    1. IP address, cookies, MAC address, service record, browsing history

Article 7: Destruction/Disposal of Personal Information

  1. After the retention period has expired, Seoul International School will promptly destroy all personal information that is no longer needed.
  2. After the retention period has expired, the law may require Seoul International School to store personal information. In this case, the personal information will be stored in a separate database (DB) maintained by Seoul International School.
  3. Personal information will be destroyed and disposed of in the following ways:
    1. Termination procedures: Seoul International School must have a set plan on the destruction of personal information/files. After the collections of personal information to be destroyed, the person(s) in charge of handling of personal information must approve of the destruction before the personal information/files is destroyed.
    2. Destruction of personal information procedures: Electronic files recorded and stored must be destroyed using the Low Level Format technique, which assures that the information destroyed cannot be recovered. Personal information stored and recorded on paper will be destroyed using a paper-shredder.

Article 8: Securely Maintaining Personal Information

Seoul International School, has taken the following measures to ensure the safety of your personal information.

  1. Maintenance: internal management planning/implementation, regular staff training, etc.
  2. Technical: personal information processing systems, such as access management, access control system installation, encryption, security programs installed.
  3. Physical measures: material storage room, computer room, access control.

Article 9: Personal Information Protection Officer

  1. Seoul International School oversees the processing of personal information by assigning an individual/department to be in charge of the handling and maintenance of personal information.
    1. Privacy Officer
        Michael Colaianni

      Position: Head of School
      Email: colaiannim@siskorea.org
      Phone: 031-750-1305
      Fax: 031-759-5133

    2. Personal information protection department
      Contact Person: Mr. Cha Sung Chul (Director of General Affairs Dept.)
      Email: chasc@siskorea.org
      Phone: 031-750-1331
      Fax: 031-759-5471


  2. All issues related to the usage, handling, storage of personal information will be handled by the assigned officer and department as stated above. Please direct all inquiries and concerns to the contact information of individual/department above. Seoul International School promises to handle all matters regarding personal information expediently.

Article 10: Personal Information, Access Billing

All other personal information pursuant to Article 35 of the Personal Information Act, will be handled by the department below:

General Affairs Office

Contact Person: Min Ja Lee
Contact: 031-750-1332
Email: general@siskorea.org
Fax: 031-759-5471

Article 11: Rights Infringement Resolution

  1. Please contact the individuals/departments above regarding issues relating to the invasion of privacy, counseling. The following organization outside of Seoul International School Seoul International School, is available to assist you. If you have any questions or complaints and feel that your inquiry has not been handled properly by Seoul International School, you may request assistance to the organization below.
    1. Privacy Complaint Center (Korea Internet & Security Agency operation)
      1. reporting misuse of personal information and consultation request
      2. Homepage: privacy.kisa.or.kr
      3. Phone: (without area code) 118
      4. Address: Songpa-gu Joondae-ro, Korea Internet and Security Agency Privacy Complaint Center (138-950)
    2. Personal Information Dispute Mediation Committee (Korea Internet and Security Agency)
      1. Personal information dispute arbitration, civil groups dispute resolution
      2. Homepage: privacy.kisa.or.kr
      3. Phone: (without area code) 118
      4. Address: Songpa-gu Joondae-ro, Korea Internet and Security Agency Privacy Complaint Center (138-950)
    3. Public Prosecutor's Office Cyber Crime Division: 02-3480-3573 (http://www.spo.go.kr)
    4. Cyber Terror Response Center: 1566-0112

Article 12: Video Equipment Installation/Operation

  1. Seoul International School installs and operates video equipment under the following guidelines:
    1. Video processing and equipment installation / Purpose: Safety of students, faculty and staff/fire prevention
    2. Installation location/shooting range: major facilities at 32 installation points, 69 camera total in school buses
    3. Information management officer in charge of the department and video:
      1. IT Office (Shin, Bum-Shik)
    4. Video recording time, storage duration, storage areas, processing methods
      1. Recording time: 24 hours (cameras inside bus are recording as soon as the buses are operating)
      2. Storage of video: 7~10 days (storage times may change due to recording capabilities), the video footage from buses are stored for one (1) month
      3. Location of stored video: IT Department
    5. How to check request viewing of video: IT Department
    6. How to request viewing of video:
      1. Acceptable identification is needed to view videos personal items must be documented before the viewing of videos.
    7. Protection and storage of video:
      1. Internal management, planning, access control and access restrictions,safe storage of video information/transfer technology, record keeping/anti-tamper measures, storage facilities, and raising lock installation, etc.

Article 13: Change to Personal Information Act

The above handling of the Personal Information is retroactive to March 1st, 2012.