Seoul International School Students playing on the playground
Students on field
2021 Seoul International School Graduation

At Seoul International School we believe that a school is made up of more than just what learning takes place inside the classroom. There is also a great deal to learn from experiences outside the classroom setting. At Seoul International School students have opportunities to participate in a variety of extracurricular activities including athletic teams, the performing arts, after school clubs, forensics, community service and much more. Take a look and discover what SIS has to offer your child.


Sports and Teams

We offer athletic opportunities to all students at all grade levels. It doesn't matter what the level is, we have something for everyone.


Extra-Curricular Clubs

We have a variety of clubs for all students, in all schools. From chess in elementary to coding and community service in high school.

Student Support

A Helping Hand

We offer student support for those who need it at ever level. Weather it be advice, a listening ear, or a study buddy. We are here to offer guidance and support for all.

Performing Arts

Drama, Music, & Choir

We pride ourselves on the quality of our performing arts program. We offer opportunities in a variety of settings: classrooms, competitions, on stage and off. We have something for everyone.

Visual Arts

Creativity & Expression

Students have the opportunity to express themselves through the visual arts. From drawing and painting, to ceramics. It's all here.


21st Century Learning

Students have the opportunity to learn through a variety of digital platforms and devices. Students from grades 3 - 12 are in a 1:1 environment.

Health Services

Being Healthy

Health and safety are important. We have a Registered Nurse on site during regular school hours and all extra curricular activities.


Travel to and From School

We use our fleet of 25 large buses to provide transportation for all school events and activities.