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Participating in my club taught me so much about myself. I was introduced to a part of me that I didn't know was there before. It opened a door to a whole new world.

Senior Student

Seoul International School believes that participation in a wide variety of co-curricular and student-selected activities is a vital part of our educational philosophy. This type of participation is a privilege that requires responsibilities to the school, activity, student body, community, and to the students themselves. These activities contribute immensely to the development of lifelong learning skills, enabling students to maximize their educational experience at SIS. There is something for everyone, and we encourage all students to find at least one co-curricular activity in which to participate.

Students at all levels have the opportunity to participate in various co-curricular and student-selected activities. 

Elementary School

Extra Curricular

Elementary school has an afterschool program along with various other activities such as Battle of the Books. There is something for everyone.

Middle School

Extra Curricular

Middle school students have a variety of after school programs they can participate in including Model United Nations and Chemistry & Physics.

High School

Extra Curricular

Students in high school have so many co-curricular clubs and activities to choose from it can be difficult to make a choice.

Elementary After School Enrichment

Our Elementary After School Enrichment program (ASE) will not only enhance your child’s education but will also add to their overall experience at Seoul International School. Teachers from elementary, middle and high school are looking forward to providing an engaging enrichment opportunity for ES students. Courses that have been offered in the past include, Robotics and Coding, Makerspace, Chess, Breakout EDU! Art, Ceramics, Model United Nations, Elementary Math Circle, Science and Trivia, Simply STEM, Origami and Geometry, Girls on the Run, Back to School Book Club, Yoga and more!

Read more about the courses below

Elementary school students participating in after school enrichment program at Seoul International School
Elementary students participating in after school enrichment program at Seoul International School
Elementary school students participating in science after school enrichment program at Seoul International School
Elementary school students participating in after school enrichment program at Seoul International School

Sample of Courses Offered

Simply STEM

Come and join our high school science teacher! This course is an introduction to different challenges and experiments related to science, technology, engineering and math. Students will be introduced to coding, environmental science, construction as well as other topics.

Elementary School Math Circle

A math circle is a chance for students to engage with mathematical ideas and problems that are not usually taught in a school setting. Pioneered in the USA by UC Berkeley during the 1980’s, math circles have a rich history of providing students of all ages – sometimes as young as pre-kindergarten – with rich and empowering experiences with real mathematics. The students work with each other and the teacher to collaboratively explore the meaning and solutions to "low floor, high ceiling" problems, questions which are easy to grasp but which can be explored to many levels of depth. This math circle will be specifically modeled after the Berkeley Math Circle’s Elementary 1 program. In this program, the problems are short, fun, hands-on, and designed to foster a confident attitude towards mathematics.

Animal Art

Let's learn about different animals and create them out of art! We will read books about different animals and use images for inspiration. We will make drawings, paintings, prints and sculptures of a variety of animals!

Mandarin Chinese For Kids!

We will be learning some basic Chinese with fun activities. I highly encourage students who participated in Winter ASE to continue joining, but all SK to 2nd graders are welcome! Let's have fun and learn!  

Keep Calm and Shine On!

Only for grades 1 and 2

Join our ES/MS Counselor and her furry friends! The purpose of this course is to help students build confidence in themselves and to help them develop healthy and appropriate social skills. Through this course students will learn different techniques to manage peer conflict and strategies to help them manage anger and stress. The goal of this course is to help students develop skills that will allow them be more successful in the classroom and will enhance their relationships with classmates, teachers and others.

Boys on the Run - Fitness Addition

Boys On The Run is a fun way to get engaged after school this spring! We will focus on outdoor running and indoor fitness. Additionally, we will discuss such topics as eating healthy, developing good daily and workout habits, discussing positive personal character traits, how to manage friendships, and how to become a better listener. Each participant will receive a club running shirt.


Escape the classroom with inquiry-based learning games! Students will work in teams to decode four locks attached to a physical box using the clues hidden around the classroom. BreakoutEDU encourages students to collaborate, use critical thinking skills and creativity to solve problems.

GarageBand Creations

Would you like to write and record your own music? Would you like to write, produce, and create MTV-style videos? Would you like to create your own electronic dance music? Would you like to create audiobook stories with soundtracks? It all can be done on your laptop with GarageBand. We will use GarageBand, iMovie, real instruments, and our own voices to create really cool sound & music projects.

*You will need a laptop for this course.

Girls on the Run

Back by popular demand! The weather is getting warmer and it's time to lace up our running shoes!  

Girls on the Run is a non-profit American organization dedicated to creating a world where every girl knows and activates her limitless potential and is free to boldly pursue her dreams.

Come join us as we learn life skills such as perseverance, confidence, communication and teamwork through dynamic, interactive lessons and running games. On days when the air quality keeps us indoors, we will make use of the classroom, stairs, yoga studio, and fitness room. 

Put on your running shoes and your girl-boss attitude because on Tuesdays, girls are on the run! New members welcome! 


Origami and Geometry

How can a paper crane be used to learn the concepts of geometry? 

Sure, origami is a fun way to make the class more engaging by appealing to the students’ creative/artistic side while showing them how to ’do mathematics?' with their bare hands.  

Paper folding is an enjoyable activity that helps to develop hand-eye coordination and attention to details, encourages peer support and fosters relationship building. Also it enhances geometrical reasoning and mathematical learning.

Students will have fun while learning many challenging mathematical concepts such as a given number of angles or a given number of equal faces while Identifying triangles, quadrilaterals, pentagons, hexagons, and cubes.

Kid Power

Join our HS Counselor! Kid Power is a fun imaginative after school activity where kids get to act like a senator and debate fun kid friendly topics as they learn to speak on their feet, listen carefully to others and debate their point of view. This is a great opportunity for students to read a non-fiction piece and then speak confidently in front of their peers about their point of view.

Science Trivia Questions and Healthy Eating

Do you love answering Science trivia questions and learn what healthy eating means? Then this ASE is for you! Come and join Mrs. Piscioneri’s class…learn to answer questions related to scientific facts and discoveries while exploring the health benefits of vegetables and fruits recommended by the Dietary Guidelines for Americans published in 2016.

Battle of The Books

Battle of the Books is an excellent reading incentive program for grade 4 and 5 students. It encourages students to read and ask analytical questions from a range of stories and genres they might not have otherwise been exposed to. The program culminates in a wonderful international schools’ competition promoting collaboration, sportsmanship, and a love of reading.

Spirit Club

The school Spirit Club is a new activity at the Elementary school designed for students from grade five. The Spirit Club seeks to establish activities, programs and team building strategies to further enhance the sense of community at SIS.  The club will develop various activities throughout the school year to promote school cheer, sponsor charity service projects and promote “School Spirit Day” celebrations. This activity is perfect for students who enjoy being a part of a team and collaborating with others.

Middle school students participating in the after school enrichment program at Seoul International School.

Middle School After School Enrichment

Just like elementary, we offer an after school enrichment program at the middle school level. The goal of the program is to enhance the middle school student experience with access to a variety of non-academic enrichment activities after school hours. Taking place Wednesday afternoons from 3:30 – 5:00, the program gives middle school students an additional venue to learn alongside peers and faculty. In addition, students participating in the program in can take advantage of the activity bus offered at 5:10. 

Courses are offered throughout the year in three eight-week sessions:

  1. Fall (September - November)
  2. Winter (January - March)
  3. Spring (April - May)
Students participating in quiz After School Enrichment program at Seoul International School

Sample of Courses offered:

  • Chemistry and Physics
  • Quiz
  • Model United Nations
  • Debate
  • Gazette
  • Robotics
  • Math Circle
  • NHD
  • Forensics

High School Clubs

Clubs and activities play an important part of high school student life at Seoul International School. Our student body is very active, locally and internationally in their attempts to make the world a better place. SIS students, faculty and parents take pride in the positive outcomes of their clubs and activities on the community. Taking part in any co-curricular club or activity is a privilege that promotes lifelong learning and a greater appreciation of self and community. We encourage all students to take part in our high school clubs. It is an opportunity that can't be beat.

Read more about some of the high school co-curricular opportunities below

Student playing guitar and singing in the atrium at Seoul International School
High school students participating in Model United Nations
Students on a unicef trip to Cambodia
High school students in the aperture photo club taking photos.
Student participating in chess event at Seoul International School
High School Students volunteering at a soup kitchen at Seoul International School.
Students working on sheet music at Seoul International school
Model United Nations club students at Seoul International School

Seoulite - MUN Newspaper

Seoulite is a Model United Nations (MUN) centered publications club that seeks to report on notable moments/topics discussed in the SEOMUN conference. Our club not only equips students with the necessary skills for future membership in publications like Tiger Times, but also exposes members to a deadline-driven press experience to foster core abilities and interests in journalism. Ranging from reporting, photo, and layout, our club integrates all necessary sectors of the press to provide members with an enriching experience dedicated to journalism. Meetings take place on Tuesdays and Thursdays of the first semester.

Global Issues Network

Global Issues Network (GIN) is a club following the guidelines outlined by GIN International, where students can explore different global issues and take action on problems they choose to focus on in high school. These issues range from deforestation to international terrorism. Students have the opportunity to do research and present to their peers about topics of their choice during weekly meetings on Friday. In addition, GIN goes on an annual trip to Thailand in affiliation with a Global Leadership program where students can enjoy a week of team-building and cultural activities (Ziplining, elephant feeding, and more!). The club pushes students to look beyond the boundaries of SIS to become more global citizens. 

Mu Alpha Theta

Members of Mu Alpha Theta (MAT) participate in multiple math competitions throughout the school year, including Log1, COMC, NEAMC, and AISA. MAT is dedicated to inspiring a keen interest in mathematics, developing strong scholarship in the subject, and promoting the enjoyment of mathematics in high school.

Habitat for Humanity

Habitat for Humanity (HFH) builds and improves places where families can call home in partnership with future homeowners, volunteers, donors and partner organizations in more than 15 countries across the Asia-Pacific region. HFH in SIS is directly involved with the global community and families that are in need of shelter and a place to sleep. The main activities of the club involves fundraising, attending domestic trips involving homebuilding, and an annual international trip in which we build a house for a family. HFH is a valuable opportunity for students to meaningfully contribute to the community.


The Forensics team constitutes of two branches - the Speech division and the Debate division. In the speech division, members focus on building oratory skills and participate in events such as Extemporaneous, Impromptu, and Storytelling. In the debate division, members prepare and argue about the pros and cons of a particular subject. Both divisions attend multiple KAIAC competitions throughout the year, including a championships held during April. 

Red Cross Youth

Red Cross Youth offers first hand, heartwarming experience with volunteer community service, which can be tracked and authenticated by the VMS program for college applications. We are a club that has been established in SIS for a long time now, but we strive to come up with new ideas and events to contribute both internally, within SIS, and externally. If you want to be part of a club that actively contributes to society through community service and this school through fundraisers and events, please sign up for this club.

National Arts Honor Society

National Arts Honor Society is an honors organization that works to recognize those who demonstrate outstanding ability and interest in the arts. Club activities include face-paint booths for annual festivals, auctions, The Memory Project, play prop production, and exclusive exhibitions. We wish to promote the highest standards in service by bringing creative collaboration to the attention of the school and the broader community.

Blue Note Jazz Club

Blue Note is a jazz performance club, rehearsing and practicing with other members frequently. Our instrumentation includes: Trumpet, Trombone, Saxophone (Alto, Tenor, Bari), Piano, Bass, Guitar, Drumset. We perform in various events such as Winter/Spring Concert, atrium performances, AP Art Show and SIS Prom. Additional time commitments outside club meetings are very important and if you have interest in jazz or other music, it is great to participate in the Blue Note Club.

Random Acts of Kindness

Random Acts of Kindness SIS works to increase happiness within our school community through strategic steps. Essentially, we host a number of community-focused, community-driven, and community-run events throughout the school year that foster compassion, happiness, and optimism and make the lives of students and staff easier and happier. 

SIS Law and Mock Trial Club

Law & Mock Trial Club focuses on helping students interact and foster greater interest about the legal profession through guest speeches, Q 'N' A's, and performance in mock trials where students can assume the roles of attorneys and witnesses with mock cases. Meetings are held weekly for tournament preparations. Students can take knowledge and experience from this club to further their interests in the legal field.

Tiger Sports Council

Tiger Sports Council (TSC) is a club that promotes all athletes throughout the school year by hosting numerous events such as the pep rally, sports banquet, teacher VS. student basketball games, AISA, and many more. By hosting all these events, all TSC members contribute to the SIS community by raising school spirit and notifying game results to the whole school. TSC meetings are weekly in the auditorium under the supervision of Mr. Ames. In all meetings, we have an open discussion where all members talk with one another to create new and fun ideas to promote all athletic events. 


Celadon is the ceramics club at Seoul International School. We work on creating ceramic ware that we’ll eventually either sell or take home. We encourage students to also come in their free time to complete their pieces. Unlike the ceramics class provided by our school, our club Celadon grants the members with total freedom over their pieces; they are created without the pressure of being evaluated or following a certain unit’s requirements. In short, Celadon is a club for students passionate about art—ceramics to be specific—who want to practice it outside of the classroom setting.

Model United Nations

Model United Nations (MUN) club seeks to provide members with the unique opportunity of engaging in debates related to the world's most pressing issues like women's rights, the environment, human rights, etc. Our club meets twice weekly where we prepare for upcoming conferences like SEOMUN, and an international conference of the member's choice (THIMUN or BEIMUN). Through the meetings, students practice their public speaking abilities, learn more about the world, and develop an interest in becoming a leader.

Tri-M Music Honor Society

Tri-M Music Honor Society, provides many opportunities for high schoolers to participate in a variety of fun and engaging musical activities. Some of the activities offered to members of this club include visits to the orphanage to perform for disabled children, trips to various local hospitals to perform for patients, and chances to perform in student-organized concerts. All students who play an instrument, sing, or have a passion for music are welcome to join Tri-M to build an enriching musical experience throughout their high school careers and spread the joy of music to their local community.

More High School Clubs ...

CLub executive talks at a club meeting at Seoul International School

High School Clubs Continued

Students volunteering and washing dishes at a local soup kitchen.