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Students signing at performance
The Performing Arts Department is one of the best aspects of SIS. The students are hardworking and creative, and the performances are incredible. I am so grateful my son gets to be a part of this program G11 Parent

SIS Performing Arts Department is founded on the tenet that performance is beneficial to the mind, body and soul. With thorough practice and great skill we strive to entertain and to enrich.


SIS has a robust theater program that encourages discovery, creativity, and collaboration. We believe there's an actor hidden in all of us.


We pride ourselves on the quality of our instrumental program. Any student wanting to learn an instrument or improve their playing is welcome to join our programs.


At SIS we believe everyone can play. If you want to learn, we always have space.

Choral Music

At SIS we believe everyone can sing. If you want to learn, we always have space.


Theatre broadens my emotional spectrum and helps me find my true self amidst the many fictional characters

Senior Student

Students bowing on stage after play

Middle School

Middle School Drama enables students to explore physical and vocal expression through improvisational games and team building activities. Emphasis is on creating unique characters in student devised improvised scenes. Drama is a rewarding subject in that it allows students an opportunity to enhance their presentational skills and grow in confidence performing in front of an audience. There are numerous opportunities to perform not only comedy but also inspirational storylines to their peers and the wider school community, as well as dabble in creative writing, prop and puppet construction and even costume design. The skills learnt in Drama can be richly applied to art, choir, history, literature, music, physical education and much more!

2023 Middle School Play - Aladdin

High School

Students performing Get Smart. T

High School Drama focuses more on the Theatre Practitioner and their role both on and off stage. Students will delve into the world of theatrical magic - acting, devising, designing and directing both mini theatre productions and solo performances. They will learn how to delegate and make decisions on a creative, practical and theoretical level. Through the course of the subject, they will hone their skills in performance analysis to understand dramatic motifs and explore both the cultural and historical traditions of theatre throughout the world. Theatre as a subject enables students to become more aware of the world around them and how they can express important issues in different creative contexts. Theatre allows students to broaden their skills in communication and organisation, essential if deciding to pursue tertiary education not only in the arts but media too.

Elementary School Band

Our Elementary School Band is the starting point for many of our future middle school and high school performers. We learn band instruments that we have not played before. We want making music to be fun as well as excellent. Making music is a lot of work, but we can have a lot of enjoyment along the way. In the spring semester we work on ensemble skills and perform for the first time as a full elementary school band. In the beginning our sounds can be quite a challenge to listen to, but soon our sounds improve and we are making music. These skills will lead our elementary school Band kids into middle school Band and beyond.

Middle School Band

Middle School band brass section performing at Seoul International school

Middle School Band is open to experienced musicians in grades 6 - 8. It meets within the regular school day. Our middle school band is a place for all young musicians to develop their instrumental skills in a fun environment. We work to learn the basics of music theory and the details of great tone production and musicality. 

High School Band

High school band
Students playing clarinets at performance

High School Band is open to experienced musicians in grades 9-12. We currently offer both a non-auditioned High School Band and an auditioned high school Wind Ensemble. Both classes meet during the regular school day.

High School Band is the place where serious music and serious skills merges to make some serious fun! Both bands perform at the annual KAIAC Festival as well as concerts in both the Fall and Spring. Our award winning musicians audition for both our National Honor Ensemble and for the global AMIS Honor Festival. Our ensembles are known for excellence and excitement!

We also offer a High School Full Orchestra that includes musicians from the High School Band and the high school Strings programs. We audition at the start of each school year. This class meets outside the school day one time each week.

Elementary Suzuki Program (Grades SK-5)

Elementary school suzuki performance

The Suzuki program is the root of our strings program at SIS. Students learn to play the Suzuki repertoire in unison and develop ensemble skills along with listening skills through group classes once a week during recess. Students perform in the fall and spring Suzuki Concerts and experience ongoing musical development throughout elementary years.

View Suzuki Winter Concert

Middle School Strings

Middle school Spring Concert

Middle School Strings provides students with the opportunity to play in a string orchestra setting. We rehearse every other day and will run the entire year. Students perform in the winter and spring concerts as well in other music events. Basic playing techniques are reviewed and Intermediate techniques are introduced through a variety of scales, etudes and string orchestra repertoire. Musicianship is developed through various ensemble performances. In addition, students study music literacy, knowledge of music terminology, and music theory.

High School Strings & Orchestra

Female student playing the violin during a performance at Seoul International School.
In high school, experienced string instrumentalists have the opportunity to participate in High School Strings (non-auditioned string orchestra) and/or High School Symphony Orchestra (auditioned full orchestra.) Both classes thrive for excellence and enjoy performing various styles of music in a string orchestra/full orchestra setting. Through scales, etudes, chamber music, and various repertoires, students study and reinforce fundamental string techniques and musicality. Students have the opportunity to audition for honor festivals (NHF, AMIS) and perform in the annual winter and spring concerts as well as in the KAIAC Large Ensemble Orchestra Festival.

Elementary School Junior Choir

Elementary choir performing christmas songs during winter concert.

The Junior Choir is a twice-per-week Ensemble run by Ms. Meininger and is open to any 4th and 5th grade student who loves singing! Students come during recess to practice, and sing and perform throughout the year! These students are also eligible to audition for the Korea Elementary Honor Choir Festival in March.

Middle School Choirs

Middle school choir singing

The Middle School Choirs are open to any student interested in singing! With both beginning and advanced ensembles, students learn quality vocal technique, ensemble musicianship and reading skills. This is a great way for students to gain vocal strength and confidence while working on important life skills like risk taking and teambuilding. Students are always involved in choosing the literature they sing - a purposeful effort to expose them to many different genres of music, as well as ignite intrinsic motivation and passion through singing songs they love!

Middle school students who are in choir are also given the opportunity to perform throughout Korea and participate in Honor Festivals and competitions.

High School Choirs

Students serenading a teacher

The High School Choral Department offers 6 vocal ensembles, covering virtually every type of literature from classical to pop music. No matter if a student is a beginning or advanced singer, there is a place for them to thrive! We strive to ignite passion and give every high school singer the skills to reach their goals, and succeed as a lifelong musician!

For students who are interested in a competitive element of singing, our advanced high school ensembles compete and perform both nationally and internationally each year.

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Boys choir singing during performance.
Middle school choir student singing on stage
Choir performing in auditorium.
Single girl singing on stage during performance.