High School student artwork at Seoul International School
High school student art for 2019 AP art show.

2020 AP Art Show


This year the AP art show will be help digitally through an online gallery. We invite you to explore the works of 28 of our most innovative, talented, and creative minds from the comforts of your own home.


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The mission of the art program within Seoul International School is exceptionally high expectations and support for learning, to ensure that through the study and exploration of art all students will:

  • Build and create a vital relationship with the arts that assists them in developing independent, critical thought.
  • Have adult lives rich in meaning and expression.
  • Learn to visually communicate in their own unique way, through creating works of art.
  • Learn to critically analyze, interpret, and judge visual imagery in a rapidly changing world.
  • Discover the opportunities and roles they can play in the arts, including the wide range of vocations, and as participant and/or supporter of the arts.
  • Understand that art reflects time periods, cultures and societies.

Through the cultivation of artistic behaviors and strategies, students expand visual perception and intellectual skills that are essential for academic life and aid in understanding the world in which they live.

Extra Curricular Opportunities

High school student produced work for the memory project

Within the school students have various opportunities to explore and nurture their creativity. 

Elementary School Art

Elementary school student's artwork

Starting in junior kindergarten, Seoul International School students learn the foundations of art through the world around them. They begin to identify and create lines, shapes, colors and textures using a variety of media.

As student’s work their way through the elementary art program, they gradually build their artistic skills in drawing, painting, printmaking, photography and sculpture. Throughout the elementary art program, students participate in individual, small group and classroom critiques to reinforce learning goals.

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Elementary school student art
Elementary school student's work at Seoul International School
Elementary school student art at Seoul International School

Middle School Visual Arts

Middle school student art at Seoul International School

The middle school program continues to build upon the foundations learned in the elementary years. In the 6th and 7th grades, students take visual art as a rotating quarterly elective along with makerspace, choir and drama. This gives students entering middle school a taste of the arts available to them at Seoul International School and let’s them determine which field they would like to focus on in 8th grade.

In 8th grade they study a variety of media including drawing, painting, printmaking, photography and sculpture. Units are rich in content, built around artists, art movements, genres of art and art from around the world. The focus being building skills in a variety of media to prepare them for the high school visuals arts program and to critically reflect on their work.

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High School Visual Arts

High School student artwork at Seoul International School

High school Visual Arts at SIS is a creative program designed for high school juniors and seniors who have an artistic interest, dedication and passion for the arts. This program is a carefully planned arts curriculum that promotes intellectual, aesthetic and emotional growth. Students can opt to take studio classes in drawing, design and ceramics, as well as AP Art History. Practical studio assignments are designed to introduce students to a variety of media and the nature of the creative process. 

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High School Ceramics

Annual AP Art Exhibition

Student displayed work at the 2019 AP art show at Seoul International School.

To celebrate the culmination of the AP art student's year long work, every spring we hold an AP art show in the lobby of the main building. Each student has part of their portfolio on display. It's a magical experience and a right of passage for visual art students at the school.

High school student work from 2019 AP art exhibition.

Accompanying every AP Art Show is a booklet showcasing each student's portfolio. 

2018 AP Student Art

Design and Drawing

Here are the '17-'18 AP drawing and 2D Design work.

2019 AP Student Art

Design and Drawing

Presented in this booklet are the ideas of 26 of our most innovative, talented and creative minds.