Presented here are some of the ideas of 28 of our most innovative, talented, and creative minds. With themes varying from explorations of the deep concept of “home”, to architecture throughout the ages within specific cultures, to cinematic experiences, and finally, anti-heroes represented in fairy tales, each student has expressed their distinctive voice while investigating medium, artists, and artworks. Whilst developing personal themes, moods, and connections within their series, the works presented here reveal skilled handling of materials and profound artistic and conceptual concerns.


In recent months due to the current Covid-19 circumstances, students have worked in isolation, mostly at home, to complete a significant number of their artworks. self-discipline, independent work skills, and exceptional motivation have been required, as we, the teachers have guided each student to navigate this unknown terrain. it is with that in mind we are honored to present you with the 2019-2020 2D design, drawing, and sculpture portfolios.

2020 Virtual Gallery

This year we have created a virtual  gallery for you to explore and experience the students work. Watch the video to learn how to get the most out of your viewing experience.

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Accompanying every AP Art Show is a booklet showcasing each student's portfolio. 

2020 AP Student Art

Design and Drawing

Presented in this booklet are the ideas of 28 of our most innovative, talented and creative minds.